Personal Manifesto

Create a personal manifesto that guides your path

If you want to start out on your own unique path, there is no greater tool than the personal manifesto. When they’re done right, they are the perfect way to let people know what you’re all about and what you believe in. They’re also perfect in those times when you feel lost or confused, or you need a shot of inspiration to help get you back on track.

No matter what your journey looks like, or what dreams you are pursuing, having a clear purpose and goal set out before you will increase your chances of success 10x! A personal manifesto will give your life meaning and direction. If you don’t know the “how” behind what you do, life is pretty confusing.

Not easy, but worth it

It’s not always easy to sit down and put words to your hopes and dreams, but it is a worthwhile document to create. A personal manifesto begins with an honest conversation with yourself. That’s not as easy as it sounds; honesty takes work — and guts. It also takes time. This exercise helped me to define my purpose, goals, and vision for my career and narrow my focus on the things that truly matter.

Personal Manifesto

A personal manifesto is you declaring your core values and beliefs, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life. It functions as a statement of personal principles and a call to action. A personal manifesto can be any and all the following:

  • A frame for your life. A foundation that you can build your life on.
  • A compass, pointing you toward what you’ve decided is your true north.
  • A mechanism for focusing your mind and reminding you of your priorities.
  • A source of motivation.
  • A behavior modification system, so that you always act in line with your values, even when you are stressed out.
  • A mechanism to keep you striving to meet high ideals.
  • As an inspiration to live your purpose more fully.
  • As a way to begin to bring a new life—or a new way of living—into existence.

Create your Personal Manifesto

It’s time to create a manifesto statement that reflects who you are. It is a daily reminder of your own purpose here on Earth.  Your own personal policies, goals, and opinions can live here, or you can create one with your partner, family, or team to express values and goals that you all share.

It is a combination of your purpose statement, your mission statement, and your vision for the future. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of those, you can spend some time creating them with a coach. Your personal manifesto is your documented set of ideas and beliefs. Start by asking yourself these questions in your journal or on a piece of paper:

  1. What is my unique talent?
  2. What do I intend to do? State your intentions.
  3. What do I believe in? What is my stance on certain topics (freedom, love, equality?)
  4. What is the type of world I dream about and wish to create?
  5. Why is this my dream?
  6. How do I want to go about doing it?

Personal Manifesto

Personal Manifesto Success Hacks

Read what others have written. Check out this list of ten great modern manifestos to get you started, but don’t feel that you have to conform to any of these examples. This is your personal manifesto, so copying someone else kind of defeats the purpose.

Write it down. Take the phrases and the words that you love from this writing exercise and add it to your manifesto draft. Put it aside before you share it with the world and read it with fresh eyes. Edit your personal manifesto to say only the crisp, clear ideas and words that capture the feeling in as few words as possible. A paragraph, a list, a story, a poem, whatever moves you – it’s perfect.

Look at it often. This is something for you and by you. It is not intended to be shared with anyone. Unless you want to share, put this manifesto in the front of your planner, binder, in a desk drawer you visit often, or on your wall.  Find a way to make it part of your routine.

Bring it to life.  It’s a living breathing piece of internal self, and it needs a home.  Stationary, mobile, printed, digital, simple, ornate, create something you are proud of and want to look at all the time.  If you choose to share it, it’s guaranteed to inspire others, too. I promise!

Personal Manifesto

When to use my personal manifesto?

A manifesto is a valuable resource when you face a major decision in your work, home or love life. Read it to help you frame how you consider your options. It will help center you in deeper considerations and consequences when confronting issues, like a job change or dealing with a difficult boss.

Know what you stand for

A manifesto is a key element in guiding yourself down the right path in life.  If you know who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in, there is way less room to waver at every shiny object that graces your path.   After reading this manifesto, you will understand yourself better, and so will others around you, should you choose to share it with them. They might even want to join in on what you are creating.

What would you put in your personal manifesto? Would you care to share any points? Let me know by leaving me a comment 🙂