Optimize Your Life

Optimize your Life with 3 Ultimate Hacks

We spend most of our days connected and locked into screens. Instead of listening to our own cues about what we need, we look to outside sources for guidance. As our lives become increasingly interdependent on technology and the avalanche of digital content coming at us every day, it’s critical for us to take control of our minds. When we filter unnecessary information, we create a quiet space for mental relaxation, brain nourishment, and well-being. Sleep, solitude, and silence are a recipe that I live by to get my important work done. You can optimize your life when you master these three things. By the time you are done reading this, you will be able to cultivate your own practice of all three of these things too.

Optimize Your Life


Finding time alone is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Even better if it’s solo time spent doing nothing, or very little. We live in a society that has conditioned us to feel unworthy if we are not busy.  You can break that pattern for yourself by enjoying the time you spend alone doing nothing.

If you never spend time alone doing nothing, start a practice that works in your world.  Whether it’s five minutes of meditation every morning, to ten minutes alone in the car, to a delicious half hour every morning in bed with a book, just make it as joyful and pleasurable to do as possible.  I want you to WANT to do it. This is how you optimize your life according to your rules. If it’s scary to sit alone with yourself doing nothing, then I will suggest to you it will be even more useful and valuable in your personal growth to do it 🙂 If you are scared you will spiral into bad thoughts, do it with a friend.  

Solitude helps you to connect with your Higher Self.  This is the truest version of your being, who knows your life path, life purpose and how to make it real. By tapping into the infinite power of your inner wisdom and listening to your self, you will learn to trust your intuition and inner guidance for living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Optimize Your Life

Optimize your Life: Stay in Silence

Silence is underrated, in my opinion.  Some people have to fill up their worlds with constant chatter, music, or background noise.  The power of silence is in the peace you can feel when you are in a quiet place. Try incorporating silence into your solitude practice to hit two birds with one stone in the life optimization process.

When you are silent, you can really tap into that voice inside of you.  You can call it your intuition, your inner leader, your soul, whatever you feel comfortable with.  That inner voice will help you make conscious decisions, face awkward truths, and guide you in the right direction.  When we get overwhelmed with sensory stimuli, that quiet voice gets stifled. It’s up to you to find the silent time you need to connect with that voice. You can train your brain to quiet down in the face of that silence. As a coach, that is one of my favorite things to work on with my clients 🙂

Optimize Your Life


Your sleep counts.  Resisting the urge to go to bed is a natural mode for so many of us. You stay up to watch one more episode or have one more hour to yourself at the end of the day. Having downtime is important, but it often cuts into our bedtime.  The cost is one we pay all day by being tired, dragging ourselves through our daily activities without any enjoyment of how magical and wonderful the world is.

The time you sleep is a time for your brain to mentally floss. It is incredibly important to your brains health that you are getting the right amount of zzz’s. One way you can do that is to test out how much sleep you actually need, by going to bed early and waking up without an alarm clock.  Try and do it over a weekend or a holiday for a few days in a row. See what natural sleep patterns develop and then follow those more closely, honoring your body’s natural rhythm.

I had a lovely client who worked with me on getting their sleep patterns back on track. The sleep solution, in that case, ended up being a need to turn their bedroom into a sanctuary, with blackout blinds, amazing sheets, and an eye mask to get the deep sleep needed to work at its peak. You can optimize your life by following your sleep patterns. Create a routine that is in service of YOUR needs. You might need that solitude, silence and sleep more than you think.     

Optimize Your Life

Optimize your Life: A Simple World

I know these three things should be common sense, but they aren’t.  I help so many burnt out people to quiet their minds, tap into their inner voices, and act on their needs with incredible results. It’s a simple recipe by now.  This is what you are missing. A quiet mindfulness that is covered up by the drama of your thoughts.

Learn to silence those loud thoughts by being quiet, solitary, and well rested. You can then listen to the REAL voice inside. The voice behind the loud noise in your head. Make decisions from THAT place instead. Your productivity and quality of life will skyrocket.  Try it out for yourself. Think up a delicious way to spend time with yourself this week in solitude and silence. Pay attention to the way you sleep or the way you deprive yourself of it. Practice kindness to yourself as you cultivate these three things in your world.  

What do you do to cultivate practices of sleep, solitude, and silence in your world?  Leave me a comment below!