Major life decisions

Making major life decisions? Learn to powerfully weigh the options.

When everything needs to change, we don’t know where to start. This process of rethinking your choices and making major life decisions can involve any area of your world. It’s a healthy and natural process to face change at different times in your life, so why are we so worried about it? Here’s why: We don’t know how to weigh the options in a way that leads to the heart of the matter.

You have to do some soul-searching before making major decisions like quitting your job, changing your relationship status, or moving cities. Don’t hurry through big changes that will have an impact on your world, especially when there are others involved. I’ve gathered up my most useful techniques for making these major life decisions, by the time you finish reading this blog, you will have access to these simple yet extremely effective decision-making tools.

Major life decisions
What would they say?

Think about what a very dear friend might say about this decision, someone who has your best interests at heart:

  • Pretend you are talking to a friend, and giving them advice about what to do.
  • Imagine you are able to sit and listen to the situation, without an opinion either way.
  • Describe it and record yourself on an audio app or write it down and have someone repeat it back to you.

How different does that sound? That voice can guide you to a way of thinking about the situation you hadn’t considered yet. Go on, be your own best friend and try it 🙂

Major life decisions: best and worst case

In your particular situation, think about both the best and worst case scenario:

  • What is the best thing that could happen as a result of this?
  • What is the worst thing that could happen here?

We can often think about what we are losing in the process of making this decision, but we forget what we stand to gain. Every situation has a positive side and finding it can help you make a conscious choice in a tough call. Look at what is happening to you from all angles. There are many ways to view your problem, and many possibilities for choices you could make!


Major life decisions

Give the universe its own to-do list

Often when I am facing a major choice, I like to write a universe to-do list, a law of attraction exercise that has you draw a list with two columns:

  • On one side, list all the things you can actually take care of in this decision.
  • In the other column, write down all the things you need the universe to take care of (find me the right job, let me bump into a new person a week, get me a high selling price for my house, bring me 3 new clients, etc.)

This might seem a bit too “woo”, but that’s because not everything is in your control, and giving up the need or ability to control things allows you to focus on what you can control. This is a way to create peace of mind and focus on what you DO have control over, listed there on your own column. Get to doing that stuff, and let the universe take care of the rest.

Major life decisionsMajor life changes: A birds-eye view

Taking a birds-eye view can help you understand your problem from a different perspective. Making major life changes is difficult if you are focusing on the pebbles instead of the rising tide. What do you REALLY want? Security? Freedom? Wild Abandon?

  • Ask yourself from ten thousand feet when looking out at your problem, and gain a new view.
  • Imagine you are far above the problem, far above the Earth, able to see the far-reaching consequences of your actions.  
  • What does your problem look like from up here? I’m sure a different view will allow you to see the forest for the trees.  
  • Ask yourself up here: what is really important?

Channel your inner wise elder.

Another self you might want to check in with is your inner 90 year old.  This is the version of you that has the wisdom of age. They have the ability to see your life for what really matters and to see how this might affect the direction of your journey.  

Here’s a quick exercise to try while you tap into this:

  • Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  • Imagine you are sitting in a peaceful place when all of a sudden you feel a presence over your shoulder.  
  • In your mind’s eye, turn around and face this wise old person in front of you, and imagine what they might look like.
  • Ask them: what is important for me to know now?  And listen for the answer.

You will likely receive some great guidance from your higher self. Listen carefully, this is a great place to get your true wisdom about this situation.  


major life decisions

Major Life Decisions: Head, Heart, Body

When you are weighing the pros and cons, how often are you using your head, heart, AND body in the decision?  Make sure to tap into each area of your consciousness and check them before you make major life decisions:

  • Monitor your physical reactions and see how your body responds when you think of each possible outcome.
  • Remove all distractions and leave behind all external stimuli and ideas of who you should be and what you should do.  This allows you to get access to your own values and take ownership of the direction you want your life to take.
  • Check in with your heart by putting your hand over your chest and finding your heartbeat.  What is the true wanting here?

What path is your heart asking you to follow? Should you speed up or slow down? Consider each choice or go for the wild one that you are really secretly set on?  Let your heart be your guide.

Create a plan to move forward

Making major life decisions is hard. If you slow down and aim for integrity, you can gently guide yourself to make the best decisions to cut your stress and lead you on new adventures. Check out some TED talks and psychological hacks to try that will give you more inspiration if you still don’t feel like you are ready to make moves. That is okay, too! There are many life paths that you can take that will nurture your soul, so don’t get caught up on one right answer.

Making these major life changes will allow you to redefine your values, your big picture vision, and squash those negative inner voices once you take action. If you are looking to actually get a plan together and start living the life you’ve been yearning to live, try one thing from the suggestions I have given you. Watch the life design webinar replay to figure out how to create new scenarios for your life that you haven’t even considered. Sign up here to watch it now!