You have an inkling

that you’re meant to do bigger, greater things than what you are up to now, but that call to greatness – It’s just a whisper.

  • You’re scared.
  • You don’t feel ready.
  • You don’t know how.
  • What if you’re not smart enough?
  • What if you fail?
  • What if everyone laughs at you?

All those fears running around in your head are keeping you stuck in mediocrity. But despite all those fears, you still want to step up & do something different — BE something more.

That’s because…

You are a natural born leader

with potential that’s pent up, unacknowledged, & untapped.

Hold up…

You don’t think of yourself as a leader (yet) because you’ve bought into the idea that a leader has the corner office, has direct reports, or has a fancy title to go along with their fancy credentials. You think all those external things give you a licence to call yourself a leader — like it’s something you need approval to be.

No. You are already a leader, my friend.

You don’t have to be someone else or fit into someone else’s mold to achieve your dreams & step into that big, new life you envision for yourself (even if that vision feels really faint and distant right now).

Leaders are people to inspire, people to look up to, and direct us on the way forward. The big lie we’ve been told is that you need a big position or a job description that fits this mold to start thinking of yourself as someone who leads the way.

You’ve bought into society’s trap, and it feels like there is no way you can reverse the story you’ve been telling yourself.

Well, pry back the teeth that have been digging into your soul for so long and try this on and say it out loud, for goodness sake:

“I was born to be a powerful leader”

Isn’t that an awesome mix of scary and exciting?

That’s exactly why I created…


A 9-week Online Group Program designed to help you choose your path, commit to it & become the leader in your own life. Get incredibly useful, workable and tangible leadership skills that will last you a lifetime – no matter where your path takes you.

Be engaged on every level in creating the story of your life and stepping into your leadership. You get focused lessons on developing your ability to lead, communicate, listen, relate and achieve, even if you have never led anyone in a traditional role.

I get it, becoming an inspiring leader isn’t easy. That’s why not everyone gets to do it.

But you’re different.

I’m going to show you a step by step process that will take you from overwhelm and stress to complete confidence in yourself and your ability to become an unstoppable leader from the front.

You get personal one-on-one time with me to work through any stuck places or more private emotional stuff that needs attention as you begin to grow. You also get an incredible support system as a group – your leadership tribe is a safe place to experiment, be real & authentic, and get feedback on your specific impact as a leader.

Develop your vision, mission and quest, so you can start changing the world. Have a sense of direction: know what you want, where you are going, and what actions you need to take to get there.

Nobody else is going to make these decisions for you. Society’s aim is to keep you mediocre and mindless, small and afraid. Let’s even the score.


  • 9 weeks of leadership skills training

    A proven framework for becoming a leader in your life, so you can start speaking about your mission, vision and goals in a way that gets you attention and results. Log into your private training platform and stay on track with the weekly lessons, delivered one at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • 1x lesson/week on FB Live

    Interact and learn in real time with me – your leadership coach, and your peers, the members of the Beyond Fearless Community who are taking the program with you. These new colleagues will become new friends and allies on your journey; you might even form bonds that last well beyond the programs.

  • 1x weekly Q+A Sesh / Coaching Jam on FB

    Once a week, drop in and get focused coaching from me in a group setting, learning as much from those around you as the question or problem you bring to the discussion. Get in-the moment coaching and feedback on what’s happening NOW in your life.

  • 5 Mini Challenges to keep you motivated

    Sometimes…we get stuck. These challenges are fun and easy ways to keep yourself moving, and action is always the most important step to be taking. Take on these challenges and instantly feel better when you get these wins throughout the course – and see the change in your world.

  • Accountability Buddy to keep you on track

    If you choose, you will be paired with an accountability buddy – someone who you can count on to remind you of calls, do homework with, or partner with on challenges. Expect to develop some cool new friendships with likeminded leaders, so you don’t have to feel so alone.



Accountability buddy



Some FREE Bonuses (Total Value $650)

BONUS 1: TWO x 45 minute sessions with Danika

Sometimes, life throws curveballs. Or lemons. Or rocks. Get some focused coaching on the real stuff that’s holding you back, in your two private sessions with me. Use me as your sounding board – it’s time to see the real impact that solid coaching can have on your life. (Value: $300)

BONUS 2: Exclusive access to our private, members-only Facebook Community

This is where the magic happens. Every week, your live calls will be broadcasted into our group, making it easy to tune in from just about anywhere. Your mini challenges, exercises, lessons and reminders will all be in this fun and safe group. Don’t have Facebook? Dont worry, all course materials will be available to you on a private training platform, and you are welcome to join in on the Facebook fun if you choose. (Value: $250)

BONUS 3: Getting Started Vid

Before you even start, settle yourself in and grab some popcorn. I’ve prepared a video for you laying out ALL the details of the course, so you can feel good about starting your journey to leadership. (Value: $100)

Get a step-by-step guide

to take you from lost & alone to
leading the pack.

Module 1 – Prep for Adventure

  • Get to know yourself… Learn to see yourself as the main character in your own life, so that you can meet yourself where you are at right now at the beginning of your journey.
  • Crafting Your Big Dreams: Who am I? What do I want? What am I doing here? Get the courage to say these things out loud and get to know the answers by doing three fun and easy exercises.
  • What’s in Your Way? Discover your own personal brand of saboteur, so that you can slay your inner voices, quiet your mind and listen for what is really important.

Module 2 – Answer the Call to Adventure

  • Uncover who you have to be to tackle the leadership adventure and what’s at stake if you don’t take action. This lesson is all about getting the vision of where you need to go & why.
  • NO! How to deal with your reluctance to become a leader. We’ll figure out what your leadership tolerance level is. Decide what you feel comfortable doing & what you are absolutely not willing to do in your version of authentic leadership.
  • Build your support network & get assistance from allies, accountability buddies, and your mentor (me!). You won’t be left feeling alone on your journey & you have somewhere to turn when things get mucky. This weeks lesson will help you solidify those relationships.

Module 3 – Cross the Threshold

  • Learn how to stop letting your emotions from ruling your mind & your actions. You’re stuck because you’re afraid to feel the fear. Fear is part of the journey – you are going to learn how to deal with it, so it doesn’t keep you stuck.
  • Fight the Baby Dragon – define the first small action step you will take, why you must take it, & then go out to do it. This is all about taking action & applying your leadership to real challenges in your life.
  • Get your first 45 minute mentor call with Danika so you can get the (loving) push you need out the door, and the accountability you need to actually do it.

Module 4 – Start Blazing Your Trail

  • Create your own step-by-step map to blaze your unique trail in life. Discover how to create a life on your own terms, without your “shoulds” blocking your vision. Get the steps you need to follow to bring the vision to life.
  • How to navigate around those “Big Rocks” that get in your way. Learn to deal with the expectations and assumptions of other people, of society, and things outside your control so they don’t block your progress.
  • Who are you going to enlist to help you on your journey? Get a system to how to use your best connections to propel you forward in life. You’ll take action & enlist your first 5 allies to boost your progress.

Module 5 – Enter the Unknown

  • We are going deep in this module, and entering the dark forest, the cave, the innermost part of you. You’ll look inside yourself and see it all – the good and the bad, the gifts and the failures. This lesson asks you to take a deep look at yourself.
  • Sweet! There is treasure in this cave! Learn to mine the depths of your greatest failures to uncover your greatest gifts. This is designed to help you reframe your hardships as pivotal learning moments, adding to and creating the story of your leadership.
  • Learn how to treat life as a tactical adventure by challenging yourself to go out and DO. You’re going to face some hard conversation, task, or THING without seeing it as debilitatingly scary.

Module 6 – Time for Transformation

  • The art of allowing, and of adopting a success mindset – your brain is changing, and you need a new set of tools to sustain this new way of being. You will learn 7 ways to keep this new frame of mind in action now that you have beaten down your demons.
  • Rewards for all your hard work are going to start to appear at this point – people will be noticing you are different, your world has shifted, and you will examine what exactly has changed now that your negative inner voices are no longer running the show.
  • What do you need to let go of to embody this transformation? What are you shedding? We will be asking some big questions and holding a ceremony for the part you are letting go of.

Module 7 – Mastery and Revelation

  • New Life: You are now feeling more in charge and in control of your life, and you are experiencing the world in a new way. How do we sustain this new way of being and feeling, experiencing yourself as a leader in the world? Find out in this lesson.
  • New Me: After examining yourself on a new level, there is learning about who you are and the deep inner knowing you can call upon. Learn to summon up that inner knowing on command.
  • Mastery is a process that takes time. What we can work on in the immediate moment is being on the path to mastery, and savoring the unfolding of the process on that path. On the path to mastering your own personal leadership, it’s important to learn how to see yourself on that journey (so you will know when you have arrived 🙂

Module 8 – The Way Back

  • You have magical powers – and these strengths of yours can be an asset to your leadership. Package up your powers in this lesson, creating a true outline of who you are and what you are sharing with others. (Extremely useful in interviews, while selling yourself, or the next time someone says “So! Tell me about you…)
  • You have an incredible story to tell, and the lessons your failures have taught you can be absolutely compelling for others to hear. Learn to tell the story of your life in a meaningful way, so people are drawn to you as a magnetic and authentic person.
  • Get help from Danika this week in shaping your message on our 45-minute call, so you have a rock solid belief in yourself and your leadership abilities as the course ends. You will leave with the confidence to know what to say, and the courage to shout your message from the rooftops!

Module 9 – Your New Normal

  • How are you going to be different in the world? What can you do to visibly represent that? Show me, your tribe, and most importantly, yourself how you have changed over this journey.
  • Get your finalized roadmap that contains the secrets of who you are, what you believe, and a vision of where you are going next. Priceless. We take a look at the journey you’ve taken over the last three months – you’ve grown and changed so much.
  • Learn how to talk to people about your new way of being in the world, and plot out how you will use your leadership tools every day.

BONUS: Module 10 – Integrate + Celebrate!

  • Celebrate your learning! Now that you are complete, what are you proud of yourself for? What new leadership skills are you using daily? How are you out in the world in new ways? Celebrate with your tribe.
  • Learn how to apply this system + process to any challenge you are facing in your life, and use your learning over and over again to uplevel your life, while savoring the journey to your inner leadership. This game never ends – Learn how to play again in any tough situation, turning every setback into a learning experience.
  • I feel propelled further and further forward everytime we touch base

    I am so thrilled to be working with you and am happy with transitioning back and forth from working on this professional stuff and digging through my past, how it informs my present and how to re-frame things in positive and constructive ways. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    Heather Elizabeth Drudge Co-Founder, Reverie Farm

  • The most valuable thing I’ve gained is that I can design and create my life any which way I want

    Danika is brilliant and extremely emotionally intelligent – I love her coaching style because she knows when you need emotional support, kindness, and when to kick your a** to move you in the right direction. I now know how truly amazing and powerful I really am AND that I have incredible intuitive instincts. I am learning to not take rejection so hard, and that I have certain saboteurs that no longer serve me and I’ve learned to move past them 🙂 The most valuable thing I’ve gained is that I can design and create my life any which way I want. I can feel any way I want to feel regardless of my circumstances and because of this, things in my life began to shift for the better.

    Sonia Grossi Specialized Training Leadership Expert & Coach

  • I left every session like I could accomplish anything and with the will to make it happen

    Through working with Danika, I learned I can accomplish amazing things when I hold myself accountable. I have been able to become really honest about my life’s experiences in very public forums such as Facebook, Instagram and my blog. Being able to do what I do and be who I am without the fear that people won’t like me is SO EMPOWERING! I left every session like I could accomplish anything and with the will to make it happen.

    Simone Nitzan Yoga and Anatomy Expert

  • Danika was able to do in one session with you that others were unable to do for years

    She has made me feel more at ease about speaking honestly about myself than I have seeking other types of help in the past. She is an extremely grounded person who really feels passionate about what she does. There is a kind of calm energy you feel when being around her that is contagious. Danika was able to do in one session with you that others were unable to do for years. She knows what buttons to push and how to get to the bottom of the obstacles we set for ourselves and challenging us to break it down. Learning how to love and stand up for ourselves is within us, but sometimes you need a friendly push. That’s where Danika can help!

    Ana G. Web Designer

  • I took it from a dream to reality

    With Danika’s help I stopped looking for a full time HR role and started my own practice. I had quit my job and was looking at what I wanted to do for my career. I had considered coaching, but was unsure how to do it or even if I could do it. I am now confident and have started a coaching practice. Much of the anxiety of not knowing what to do has gone and I feel at peace with my choice. I took it from a dream to reality: Determining my ideal client, niche, and what I wanted for my practice. I never thought I would have the confidence to go out on my own with coaching, and now I really feel like I can do it! I have gone a long way to setting up a successful practice. I have confidence in my abilities outside of the corporate world, and have embraced my ability to be my own leader and go for it! Danika has a wonderful style and knows when to push, and when to show extreme support!

    Kathy Lockwood, CPCC, ACC Founder & Leadership Coach, Blue Water Leadership Coaching

  • I have tools to cope with some of my biggest challenges that I did not have before

    Before, I was a scared and sleepy mess! My insomnia has improved, I am less anxious, I am more self confident, and I have a clearer vision of the type of career I would like to have. I know now that I am able to overcome anything. I have take a huge step in improving my insomnia. I feel like I know myself better. I am happier and calmer. I have tools to cope with some of my biggest challenges that I did not have before. Danika is truly amazing. She has helped me in ways I never thought anyone could. I feel like I have come such a long way in such a short period of time. With each session we have I feel more attuned and enlightened. I am so grateful to have connected with her.

    Maggi Shupe Owner and Personal Trainer, MzFit Fitness for Women

  • I work so hard and it’s good but learned from you that I need to cut myself some slack

    Before I started I was terrified of how I could do this, but now I know I can totally do this …I still feel scared to move up and move forward, but I know that you believe in me and you’re someone I trust. I do a heck of a lot. I work so hard and it’s good but learned from you that I need to cut myself some slack. Danika is a coach I respect who thinks I’ve got star quality! She is the f@#$ BEST, seriously – smart, sharp, and kind with a huge heart.

    Andrea Chedas Financial Coach, Primerica

  • She’s got the right mixture of compassion and hard-ass-ness

    I love Danika’s energy, her enthusiasm for her life and work and her insightfulness. She is bold, and also has a special way with words when she is coaching you. She’s got the right mixture of compassion and hard-ass-ness. She’s a great listener and can dig deep as a coach. Her dedication, passion and the depth of her coaching knowledge are evident when you work with her.

    Brianna Strumm PhD(c), MSW, RSW, Educator, Researcher, Coach

  • If you need excellent listening skills, a gentle but bold push and genuine encouragement, hire her ASAP

    Danika’s got energy and confidence to spare! She has great intuition. She also has a genuine interest in helping people live life to their fullest. She’s really good at listening on a deeper level and not afraid to boldly challenge when needed. If you need excellent listening skills, a gentle but bold push and genuine encouragement, hire her ASAP.

    Silvia P. Interior Designer

  • I would say it’s like confiding in a very wise best friend

    Danika’s bright, cheery, positive energy is contagious! What makes Danika different from other people is her willingness to share her pain honestly, without apology. I would say it’s like confiding in a very wise best friend. She’s got the perfect mix of humor, practicality, and compassion to guide you in the direction of your dreams.

    Tracey Beltrano Entertainment Professional

  • How could I not recommend you? You’ve got the trifecta of sass, leadership and confidence

    There can only be one Danika! Her vivacious personality, and her confidence set her apart. Danika is a confident and determined woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. She’s easy to feel comfortable with, and her positive and upbeat attitude is contagious. How could I not recommend you? You’ve got the trifecta of sass, leadership and confidence.

    Sarah Hamilton lebeast photography

  • A while ago my dreams TERRIFIED ME! But it’s all happening now and I couldn’t be more excited or ready

    There is so much more available to me after coaching. I started to see the world through the lens of opportunity and personal growth rather than from a place of difficulty and lack. I now know that in order to grow I’m going to have to get out there and fail, that my successes will not come without failures and that being stuck on those failures will only keep me stagnant and prevent me from learning and growing into better and better versions of myself. A while ago my dreams TERRIFIED ME! But it’s all happening now and I couldn’t be more excited or ready. Through coaching I’ve found it much easier to remain calm and collected during times where I would have been stressed or anxious. Danika is fun-loving with a big personality and an even bigger heart. She coaches with precision and totally kicks ass but with the utmost love.

    Anastasia Virginillo Professional Coach + Yoga Teacher

  • I now know that I am capable of doing things that scare the shit out of me

    I now know that I am capable of doing things that scare the shit out of me. The biggest leap of faith I took during our time together was packing up and moving from St. Louis to Denver, fulfilling a big dream of mine. Your empathy and holding my feet to the fire with lots of love allowed me to do that! Danika is courageous and loving – she believes in you so she calls you to do and be your best.

    Abby Howard, MSW, LCSW, CPCC Principal & Coach at Sentient-Strategy

Everything you need to become the leader you were born to be.

This program will transform you in ways you can’t even imagine yet. You will get…

A razor-sharp awareness of your own self sabotage
Stopping those negative voices, patterns and thoughts in their tracks, once and for all.

Save yourself precious wasted time spent worrying and wondering whether you can grab that thing you want without falling flat on your face.

A Clear Mind and Calm Brain
Avoid the stress and anxiety that feeds your inner demons – a clear mind and calm brain can accomplish soooo much more than a scattered, distracted, destructive self.

Start thinking about and acting on your Leadership NOW – without having to wait for someone else to give you the title, the corner office, or the degree.

Ditch Fear and Shame
Dramatically increase your capacity to lead in every situation, good bad or ugly. Roll with the punches, take issues and events less personally, and communicate deeply with others without fear or shame holding you back.

A Repeatable System
Learn a repeatable system for courage, confidence and resilience that will never fail you in any tough moment.

Have more fun in your day to day life, not feeling like you have to muscle through to your big goals the hard way. Learn how it can be easy to reach your goals (and fun? Wtf.)

Renewed sense of your own leadership
Become the main event in your life, and the main character in your story. That is the priceless gift I would like to leave you with. In fact, it’s my mission to help you see it!

Only 15 14 13 12 spots available

Regular Price: $997
Early Bird Price: $697

But hurry – EB price expires Feb 2018

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Who should get this kind of leadership training?

A PERSONAL REVOLUTION would be perfect for you if:

You know you are destined for greatness, but you don’t know where to start.

You want to develop your vision, mission and values, and learn how to keep creating these for yourself, as often as you need.

You don’t want to feel so alone as you take on the world. You want to be able to call on friends, allies and mentors along the way.

You want hard skills, tools and techniques that you can apply immediately in your everyday life to difficult situations + conversations.

You want to overcome your fear of failure, your impostor syndrome, or your negative thought patterns…or…all three!

You have an open heart + mind, ready to embrace the process, which is never a straight path.

You value integrity and want to commit to doing the coursework to the best of your abilities

You’re prepared to be uncomfortable – personal development sometimes means being uncomfortable.

You are longing for more and searching for what is next.

You want to build your self-confidence and your ability to be an impactful, authentic leader.

This probably won’t be the right group program for you if…

  • You are a lone wolf – you aren’t ready to talk about your feelings and experiences with others.
  • You don’t want to put in work – personal development can feel a little woo woo at times, but it actually takes time and effort to know who you are and what you want – are you willing to go there?
  • You don’t have the ability to dream. If you can’t dream up what you want next – it’s guaranteed you aren’t gonna get it.
  • You don’t want to be coached, motivated or encouraged by others – perhaps you aren’t ready to be seen as a leader and embrace your greatness.
  • You have a fixed mindset – this is just the way it is, and no amount of action on your part will change anything.
  • You view other people as responsible for your life and your actions – if you can’t see the impact you are having on others due to your actions, it’s hard to hear and accept feedback, let alone change your brain and your life.

Only 15 14 13 12 spots available

Regular Price: $997
Early Bird Price: $697

But hurry – EB price expires Feb 2018

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It’s time to

step into your bigger, bolder

version of yourself

It’s You 2.0

I know it can be scary to think of yourself as a leader. Taking responsibility for your life and your actions is a big change for many, and self awareness is the key to developing this rock-solid, unshakable inner leadership.

But what is literally the worst that could happen if you don’t step into your life thinking that you own it? You will end up living a version of your life that’s not yours, always regretting the chances for greatness that you didn’t take because you were too scared to fail.

Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t let someone else do it – you will be kicking yourself for the rest of your life because someone else who was brave enough to take the leap is reaping the benefits of your brilliance, and not you.

Wasting more months and years thinking “Am I enough?” will cost you more than time – the potential you have inside will forever be locked away, and you will have to put your dreams to bed. Ugh. How gross is that? How many people do you know in your life, walking around with their dreams hidden inside?

All it takes is one massive leap of faith to start the journey to self-aware leadership. Every aspect of your life will be touched by this program, from the work you do, the relationships you have, and the life you lead.

How much longer are you going to wait before stepping into your leadership?

What is the cost of holding back on your dreams? It’s worth investing in yourself NOW to get the results you want, sooner than you think is possible. For only $997, $697 the chance to become the person you’ve been dreaming of is here.

You are in the way of the avalanche of money, success, and love that wants to head your way. A Personal Revolution will get you into action FAST – accelerating your ride so that you can enjoy being a leader NOW, every day, for the rest of your life.
The cost of this program will come back to you 10x in improved income, intimacy, and respect for yourself & from your peers.

Imagine the things you could accomplish if you only saw yourself as a transformational leader who makes it happen. What is that worth to you? Is it worth $997? $697?

Only 15 14 13 12 spots available

Regular Price: $997
Early Bird Price: $697

But hurry – EB price expires Feb 2018

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Here’s the deal,

I am so confident that you will start to feel more like a leader in your life and get the skills to act upon it that I’m going to guarantee that if by our first 1-1 call you are not happy, I will gladly refund you the entire amount of the program.

You will have to show me that you have done the work from the first two modules and attend your first 45 minute call with me for some personalized coaching. Then – if you aren’t pleased with the progress you are making – I’ll refund your cash.

After the two-week mark, I will consider you as fully committed to the process as I am, and will help you every step of the way to get what you want out of the program. Promise.

Answers to your lingering fears & doubts…

What is the time commitment for this group program?
You can watch the weekly lesson live on Monday afternoons or whenever you get a chance. Ask your questions in the comments if you missed it live and I will answer on Friday in our weekly optional Q&A/Coaching Jam, so if you need some extra attention show up Fridays at noon and get extra help on demand.

What if I don’t have the time?
If you don’t have the time to do an hour or two per week of personal reflection, focused action, and targeted goal setting then this program isn’t right for you.

Is there pre-work?
Once your application is accepted you will be sent an AWESOME Bonus video explaining your journey through the course and what to expect. Watch that and you will be golden.

Is there homework or additional materials we get?
Each week you can watch the training and login to your learning portal to check out this week’s lesson. All the materials you need will always be in one place, accessible and downloadable for you to type on, write on, record, whatever.

How are the modules delivered?
This round, I’ll be using Thinkific to deliver the content to you, a secure online learning platform that easy to use, highly organized, and straightforward. You won’t feel lost or overwhelmed.

Is there email support?
All your worries, woes and fears are useful and valuable for everyone to hear – plus, we are learning to be authentic leaders (in a safe space.) Try and ask your questions inside the group where they will be the most value to everyone.

Is there group support?
Oh yeah. This course is designed to help you learn how to make meaningful connections with others in the context of exploring your Leadership together. Its one of the greatest gifts of this course, and the most valuable in terms of lasting connection and motivation for each other.

What if I don’t need another course?
Then don’t take another freaking course. Please. Just don’t. Not thinking you have enough learning is a common trap I see all the time in new leaders. Just get the actionable skills you need and go out and DO it, already.

But, if you’ve taken a thousand different courses & none of them have worked for you, then you’ve got to ask yourself why that is. Did you take action on what you learned? No, you didn’t.

Your Personal Revolution is not just a DIY course that leaves you on your own to figure out how to implement. This is about taking action & making huge strides — and doing it RIGHT NOW. If you’re sick of learning more & more, but never doing more, being more, stepping up… then this is the program for you.

What if I have already done your DIY Leadership Skills Courses?
This is a completely different ballgame. Its awesome that you have worked on your courage, confidence and resilience alone – now it’s time to walk your walk and actually get out there. This course is all about action and adventure – you won’t be alone behind your screen for this one.

What if I fall behind?
Don’t worry! True leaders can learn to ask for help – and receive it! If you are feeling far behind and out of sorts, make it known. It is my personal commitment that no leader will feel left behind.

Do I get any one-on-one time with you?
Yup! In our two 45 minute Leadership Coaching sessions, on weeks 2 and 8 of the course.

Only 15 14 13 12 spots available

Regular Price: $997
Early Bird Price: $697

But hurry – EB price expires Feb 2018

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Unleash your inner