What would it feel like to
know what you want,
be brave enough to say it out loud
& start making it happen?

You are beating yourself up, a million ways per day.

There is some toxic narrative running through your brain that is keeping you small & you want out.

All those toxic voices in your head create a grey cloud that’s fogging up your vision of what you want for your life. But there is a longing to know your purpose & start learning about who you really are.

You want to feel more self-assured, positive, assertive & self-reliant every day. You want to become the confident you that is brave enough to follow your dreams, instead of your fears.

But you feel too scared to get started!

You read articles, books and talk to friends, but all the pieces seem overwhelming & you stop yourself before you get to the “take action” phase.

Anxiety & fear rule the show, most of the time. You don’t know how to create the confidence you need, spending most of your time feeling kinda lost.

I want you to know that you are not alone.

“Self Confidence” & “Inner Knowing” are not courses you learn in school, BUT they are essential to your survival as a human who wants to thrive in this world, developing a version of inner confidence that fits perfectly with the vision of your life.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


Creating Confidence

A self-paced course to take you
from scared wallflower
to the bold, confident version of yourself
that’s hidden inside.

This 4-module course will give you a step-by-step formula to deconstruct your fears, improve your ability to create confidence & identify your core desires.

If it would feel like a miracle to face the next challenging situation in your life with a kind heart, brave spirit and fierce mind – you are exactly the kind of person who would benefit from this course.

If you want to genuinely stop letting your fears rule the show & start thinking bigger for yourself and your life, then start here with Creating Confidence. The only way out of the place you are in is through – and having a step-by-step guide to creating confidence can make that journey so much easier (and less scary).

Get a goldmine of

confidence-creating tools

that will give you an instant boost


  • A 4-Module course that you can complete on your own time, in bite sized chunks or an afternoon of learning.
  • Learn to access your personal vision & see what is holding you back from making it real in the world.
  • A handy self assessment to see your confidence quotient as it stands right now & learn how to improve it.
  • One audio lesson to hear the difference between positive and negative self talk & examine the impact it’s having on your life.
  • One video lesson to help you see the difference between authentic & inauthentic ways of being confident, and try them on for yourself.
  • Two worksheet-based lessons so you can get into the nitty gritty of what’s REALLY holding you back & decide how you want to feel.
  • Get new skills, gain useful personal development tools that you can use again & again each time you uplevel your confidence.

4-module course

Audio/Video Lessons



Plus these AWESOME bonuses

Total value $250

BONUS #1: Bonus strategy sesh w Danika!

Finish the course & you get a bonus 30 minutes with me. You’ll get guidance from a certified coach who will kick your butt (with love) to cement your learning, implement it in your life, and plan your action steps with a Certified Coach. (Value: $250)

BONUS #2: Lifetime, exclusive access to the Becoming Fearless FB group

Bond with other magical people who are passionate about personal development & wanting real growth & change in their lives. If you have any questions you need answered, you can stop in to the exclusive Becoming Fearless Facebook Group and ask a question to me & the group — I’ll be sure to respond or even pick your question to answer live. You don’t have to feel alone on your journey – we are all becoming fearless together. (Value: Priceless)

What does Creating Confidence cover?

Let’s break it down:

Module 1 – Assess your Awareness

  • Take the confidence quotient assessment & get insight on your area of greatest growth, when it comes to your confidence. It’s time to ask an expert about what’s really holding you back – YOU.
  • Learn to develop an awareness for your own negative self talk & start to work on shutting it down. Creating confidence is also about creating consciousness: awareness is the key step you need to take before getting into action.

Module 2 – Preferences and Fears

  • Learn to state your preferences in a way that fulfills your unique needs. No more worrying about being seen & heard – your view & voice will have more impact & momentum after this exercise.
  • Address your fears & decide what’s at stake if you don’t up your confidence game. Knowing your limits & what changes you want creates newfound clarity in your ability to be confident.

Module 3 – Feeling the Feels, Steering Your Life

  • Use feelings of fear, rejection and unworthiness to help find direction in your life & point your compass away from the swirling trap of the unknown towards something more positive & exciting.
  • Get specific techniques to bust yourself out of slumps, shatter bad days & live a happier life. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude will do wonders for your self-confidence.

Module 4 – A Confidence Creation Machine

  • Learn about body, brain & soul confidence & how the levels interact with each other to form a complete picture. Decide which specific areas you are going to work on to see tangible results in your everyday life.
  • Deciding what you really want will give you confidence to step into the unknown. You will be prepping your leap-pad, gathering your breath & creating accountability in this last lesson, so you can become that confident person you have the potential to be.


  • I feel propelled further and further forward everytime we touch base

    I am so thrilled to be working with you and am happy with transitioning back and forth from working on this professional stuff and digging through my past, how it informs my present and how to re-frame things in positive and constructive ways. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    Heather Elizabeth Drudge Co-Founder, Reverie Farm

  • The most valuable thing I’ve gained is that I can design and create my life any which way I want

    Danika is brilliant and extremely emotionally intelligent – I love her coaching style because she knows when you need emotional support, kindness, and when to kick your a** to move you in the right direction.
    She really listens to who you are and gives you everything she’s got to get you where you want to be. I now know how truly amazing and powerful I really am AND that I have incredible intuitive instincts. I am learning to not take rejection so hard, and that I have certain saboteurs that no longer serve me and I’ve learned to move past them 🙂
    The most valuable thing I’ve gained is that I can design and create my life any which way I want. I can feel any way I want to feel regardless of my circumstances and because of this, things in my life began to shift for the better.

    Sonia Grossi Specialized Training Leadership Expert & Coach

  • I left every session like I could accomplish anything and with the will to make it happen

    Through working with Danika, I learned I can accomplish amazing things when I hold myself accountable. I have been able to become really honest about my life’s experiences in very public forums such as Facebook, Instagram and my blog. Being able to do what I do and be who I am without the fear that people won’t like me is SO EMPOWERING! I left every session like I could accomplish anything and with the will to make it happen.

    Simone Nitzan Yoga and Anatomy Expert

  • Danika was able to do in one session with you that others were unable to do for years

    She has made me feel more at ease about speaking honestly about myself than I have seeking other types of help in the past. She is an extremely grounded person who really feels passionate about what she does. There is a kind of calm energy you feel when being around her that is contagious. Danika was able to do in one session with you that others were unable to do for years. She knows what buttons to push and how to get to the bottom of the obstacles we set for ourselves and challenging us to break it down. Learning how to love and stand up for ourselves is within us, but sometimes you need a friendly push. That’s where Danika can help!

    Ana G. Web Designer

  • I took it from a dream to reality

    With Danika’s help I stopped looking for a full time HR role and started my own practice. I had quit my job and was looking at what I wanted to do for my career. I had considered coaching, but was unsure how to do it or even if I could do it. I am now confident and have started a coaching practice. Much of the anxiety of not knowing what to do has gone and I feel at peace with my choice. I took it from a dream to reality: Determining my ideal client, niche, and what I wanted for my practice. I never thought I would have the confidence to go out on my own with coaching, and now I really feel like I can do it! I have gone a long way to setting up a successful practice. I have confidence in my abilities outside of the corporate world, and have embraced my ability to be my own leader and go for it! Danika has a wonderful style and knows when to push, and when to show extreme support!

    Kathy Lockwood, CPCC, ACC Founder & Leadership Coach, Blue Water Leadership Coaching

  • I have tools to cope with some of my biggest challenges that I did not have before

    Before, I was a scared and sleepy mess! My insomnia has improved, I am less anxious, I am more self confident, and I have a clearer vision of the type of career I would like to have. I know now that I am able to overcome anything. I have take a huge step in improving my insomnia. I feel like I know myself better. I am happier and calmer. I have tools to cope with some of my biggest challenges that I did not have before. Danika is truly amazing. She has helped me in ways I never thought anyone could. I feel like I have come such a long way in such a short period of time. With each session we have I feel more attuned and enlightened. I am so grateful to have connected with her.

    Maggi Shupe Owner and Personal Trainer, MzFit Fitness for Women

  • I work so hard and it’s good but learned from you that I need to cut myself some slack

    Before I started I was terrified of how I could do this, but now I know I can totally do this …I still feel scared to move up and move forward, but I know that you believe in me and you’re someone I trust. I do a heck of a lot. I work so hard and it’s good but learned from you that I need to cut myself some slack. Danika is a coach I respect who thinks I’ve got star quality! She is the f@#$ BEST, seriously – smart, sharp, and kind with a huge heart.

    Andrea Chedas Financial Coach, Primerica

  • She’s got the right mixture of compassion and hard-ass-ness

    I love Danika’s energy, her enthusiasm for her life and work and her insightfulness. She is bold, and also has a special way with words when she is coaching you. She’s got the right mixture of compassion and hard-ass-ness. She’s a great listener and can dig deep as a coach. Her dedication, passion and the depth of her coaching knowledge are evident when you work with her.

    Brianna Strumm PhD(c), MSW, RSW, Educator, Researcher, Coach

  • If you need excellent listening skills, a gentle but bold push and genuine encouragement, hire her ASAP

    Danika’s got energy and confidence to spare! She has great intuition. She also has a genuine interest in helping people live life to their fullest. She’s really good at listening on a deeper level and not afraid to boldly challenge when needed. If you need excellent listening skills, a gentle but bold push and genuine encouragement, hire her ASAP.

    Silvia P. Interior Designer

  • I would say it’s like confiding in a very wise best friend

    Danika’s bright, cheery, positive energy is contagious! What makes Danika different from other people is her willingness to share her pain honestly, without apology. I would say it’s like confiding in a very wise best friend. She’s got the perfect mix of humor, practicality, and compassion to guide you in the direction of your dreams.

    Tracey Beltrano Entertainment Professional

  • How could I not recommend you? You’ve got the trifecta of sass, leadership and confidence

    There can only be one Danika! Her vivacious personality, and her confidence set her apart. Danika is a confident and determined woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. She’s easy to feel comfortable with, and her positive and upbeat attitude is contagious. How could I not recommend you? You’ve got the trifecta of sass, leadership and confidence.

    Sarah Hamilton lebeast photography

  • A while ago my dreams TERRIFIED ME! But it’s all happening now and I couldn’t be more excited or ready

    There is so much more available to me after coaching. I started to see the world through the lens of opportunity and personal growth rather than from a place of difficulty and lack. I now know that in order to grow I’m going to have to get out there and fail, that my successes will not come without failures and that being stuck on those failures will only keep me stagnant and prevent me from learning and growing into better and better versions of myself. A while ago my dreams TERRIFIED ME! But it’s all happening now and I couldn’t be more excited or ready. Through coaching I’ve found it much easier to remain calm and collected during times where I would have been stressed or anxious. Danika is fun-loving with a big personality and an even bigger heart. She coaches with precision and totally kicks ass but with the utmost love.

    Anastasia Virginillo Professional Coach + Yoga Teacher

  • I now know that I am capable of doing things that scare the shit out of me

    I now know that I am capable of doing things that scare the shit out of me. The biggest leap of faith I took during our time together was packing up and moving from St. Louis to Denver, fulfilling a big dream of mine. Your empathy and holding my feet to the fire with lots of love allowed me to do that! Danika is courageous and loving – she believes in you so she calls you to do and be your best.

    Abby Howard, MSW, LCSW, CPCC Principal & Coach at Sentient-Strategy

But what you’re really getting is…

Having a vision allows you to see where you are going & knowing your values allows you to steer the ship of your life in the direction you want. You get to decide how you want to live your life, and when you have the confidence to take action, amazing things will happen to you.

Tackle Potential Setbacks Faster
Doing work with your negative inner voices allows you to realize who is running the narrative inside your brain. The devil you know is the one you can defeat, and although fear and negativity will never leave completely, they can become great tools and weapons for learning & for seeing our blind spots.

This is your life – take it in your own hands. Confident people are able to ask for what they want, state their opinions & ideas without fear, and go for the prize without asking for permission.

Create your own Happiness
A curious byproduct of confidence is happiness. Once you start to feel really secure about who you are, what you want, what’s in your way & how you are going to get it, life feels easier to manage – you will learn how to start creating your own happiness as well as your own confidence, you lucky thing!

To grow yourself and to challenge your own perspectives and biases is one of THE healthiest things you can do for your brain. Look at you creating new neural pathways that will fire a lifetime of confidence into your brain 🙂

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone
To step outside of what you are used to is a skill you can call on to help grow your confidence. Regularly challenging yourself to do or experience new things can open up a world of possibilities for you & shatter your limiting beliefs that are placed within us along our way. You are totally capable of more than you think – I know this is true, and I want you to know it too.

Your Investment


Is this right for me?

Creating Confidence is perfect for you if:

You want the confidence to make the first small steps needed to bring your dream to reality.

You’re ready to be brave
enough to tell the world what you really want for your life & stand by it.

You want to learn at your own pace – you’re a self starter who wants to nerd out on your own.

You’re overwhelmed by fear & need a step-by-step system to help you get out of it & find confidence (because nothing you’ve tried on your own has worked so far).

You’re only just starting to believe that you can define what you want, that you can get what you want & you need help building your confidence so that you are brave enough to take action.

You have read some books & watched some TED Talks, now you want something tailored just for you, something you can dig deeper into on a personal level.

You’re willing to put in the work on your vision to make it happen in your life. I promise if you practice, creating confidence can be easy.

But this probably won’t be the right fit for you if…

  • You want a lot of personalized attention.
  • You aren’t willing to be uncomfortable & face the fears that are keeping your scared & stuck.
  • You don’t want to grow or change – you are happy with your life the way it is.

Your Investment


It’s time to overcome

whatever is holding you back

& start making progress.

Creating Confidence will do that for you. Even better, I want to give this course to you for a stupid amount. I want it to be so easy for you to snap it up and start learning because I know becoming confident is one of three keys to claiming your inner leadership & a major part of creating a life you love.

The whole course, including the audio and video lessons, is yours for $47 – consider it a gift, a way to start, a light in the darkness and a map to a new you. Pretty cool for the price of a fancy lunch, right?!

Save yourself time by getting out of your own way. Get past the blocks and hold court with your inner authority.






Do I get any one-on-one time with you?
Nope! You are doing this solo. That’s the awesome thing about a do it yourself course. If you have any questions you need answered, you can stop in to the exclusive Becoming Fearless Facebook Group and ask me a question – I’ll be sure to respond or even pick your question to answer live 🙂

What do I need to have ready before we start?
Not much, just decide how you would like to make time for the course – all at once (an afternoon in a cafe, perhaps?) or in four bite sized lessons (every Sunday for a month?) Deciding how you will complete the course and setting aside time in your calendar gives you a clear path to success.

How soon can I start?
NOW! Download the Creating Confidence course here or get ahead of the game & download all three courses in the Becoming Fearless Course Bundle Here

How quickly will I see results?
Once you complete the first module, you will already have a newly formed vision and mission for your life – doesn’t that sound nice? You will see results immediately if you apply the learning to your life.

Can’t I just figure this stuff out on my own?
Yup! But you can save tons of time and money by following the best techniques, ones that I have gathered from years of coach training, leadership development, and coaching hundreds of people through this exact thing.

Is there a guarantee?
Once you download the material, it’s up to you to implement the learning. The only guarantee that you’ll get in life is that if you do the work, the results will follow. It’s the same with this course. Getting the results you want depends on taking the actions outlined in the course. This work is highly focused on YOU and what actions YOU are taking.





Do It Yourself

Course Bundle

You are a busy b. Your life is full to bursting with activities, obligations, and events.

Still, beneath all of that, you want to focus in on your own development as a leader & stellar human being. This course bundle is for you. The no nonsense, fluff-free key to developing three leadership skills that you need in order to move forward on your big, bold projects.

Get the Confidence to decide what you want & what action you are going to take, the Courage to get your butt out the door & into the unknown, & the Resilience to get back up & shine if/when you fall or fail.

Grab one skill or bundle all three, the choice is yours.


SAVE 29%