Self paced courses that deliver the confidence, courage and resilience you’ve been craving.

Create lasting and impactful change for your life, all on your own, by helping yourself out with one or all of the Do-It-Yourself courses below.

Course 1: Creating Confidence

When you know YOU are in your own way and you want to get out, this course teaches you to find all the answers you’ve been searching for:

  • Can I really gain the confidence to do this thing I’ve been longing to do?
  • How to I create the inner self confidence I need to pull this off?
  • What would be possible if I really went for it?
  • How do I get out of my own way?

Learn easy, instantly repeatable and endlessly useful tools, tips and tricks to up your confidence level and get out of your own way. Do it on your own time at a pace you feel good about, you sexy self-starter 🙂

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Course 2: Complete Courage

If you’ve already got the confidence you need and want the courage to GO FOR IT, this course is for you. Get the courage you need to bust out of your comfort zone and into your bright now future!

  • How do you gather your energy for ten seconds of insane courage?
  • How do others just GO FOR IT while leaving their fear behind?
  • Can you leave your shadow self behind when leaping into a bright new future?

With Complete Courage at your fingertips, get the real-life tools you need to blast yourself into action – learn incredible techniques to help you GO FOR IT with renewed vigor and energy, turning yourself into an action-taking machine that never falters in the face of big fear. Get a giant helping of courage and get out the door, already!

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Course 3: Radical Resilience

So you’ve created some confidence, gathered your courage, and really went for it. What happens after you jump off the cliff? Now it’s time for your radical resilience to kick in. Whether you succeed at your endeavor or you fail, the way you get back up can make all the difference. Learn the things you WISH they taught you in school:

  • Learn to frame your failures as learning opportunities and start to celebrate your successes.
  • Gain personal understanding into your relationship with failure and success, and why it holds you back.
  • Become a failure integration expert, getting back up faster and learning to roll with the punches.

Once you learn to take the sting of failure and use it to your advantage, nothing can stop you from getting what you want. These tools will help you develop your resilience muscles and take you to heights you have never even dreamed about. Promise.

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Course Bundle – BEST VALUE!

Get the complete set of self paced courses for the special price of $147 – and complete the full cycle of emotional intelligence skills that will uplevel your life. I created these courses especially to help those who are stuck, but can’t afford to have a coach (yet). This way, you get access to all the learning you might get when you hire me, for a fraction of the price. 🙂

Consider this course bundle my gift to you – my way of saying I BELIEVE IN YOU and I champion your vision of yourself as a bright, bold, transformational human who leads the way into their own bright future. Nobody is going to do this work for you – it all starts in your heart and your mind. So what are you waiting for?