Are you letting your fears choose your destiny?

You’re afraid. I get it.
But you’re also done with being your own worst enemy.

You are a woman in transition – and you aren’t sure you can take the leap into this new place that life has taken you.

Do you have what it takes to do what your life is demanding of you? Maybe you don’t feel ready to deal with this new phase in your life. “Who am I to be bold, brilliant and fearless?” You are standing on the cusp of greatness, but you don’t want to jump. What is down there in that deep scary abyss? That unknown is terrifying.

I know you’re up awake at night wondering

”Can I really do this?”

You want to live a life on your own terms. Free from anxiety and the voices in your head. Full of excitement and enjoyment for the world around you. You wish you had more confidence, courage, and resilience to actually go out and do the crazy big things you want to achieve.

Who are you to be bold, brilliant and fearless?

Actually…who are you NOT to be.

Hi. I’m Danika.

I know that you are pure potential, even if you don’t quite believe me yet.

I help ambitious overachievers to become powerful leaders, unlocking their brilliance and executing on their big vision — using their smarts, guts, and talent to take a flying leap into the life beyond their wildest dreams.

I have coached hundreds of humans, and they all have one thing in common – they do not have the ability to vision an extraordinary life for themselves. They aren’t able to see their own greatness and potential.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I’m here to grow that seed of brilliance inside of you – with your full permission.

Whether it’s through my coaching, speaking, or my courses, my clients transform – and thrive. They decide and define exactly what they want from their lives and from others. They leave jobs and relationships that aren’t serving them anymore. They develop the mindset and awareness to take their lives to the next level and leap into the unknown.

They want MORE love, money, time and happiness. They want to own their power and feel like the courageous and inspirational humans they were born to be. They step into their own greatness, which was waiting inside all along. (Surprise!)

Together we get real, actionable, tangible results for your life. You will literally FEEL different every day – more like a fearless and authentic leader and less like an overwhelmed, underpaid, stressed out hot mess who is barely holding on.

More about me 🙂

I know how to help my clients take fearless leaps of faith because I’ve taken a shit ton of big leaps in my own life, resulting in massive success and spectacular failure along the way. My own journey to becoming a leadership coach has taken me on the ride of a lifetime, and I am an expert at uncaged living (and leading!)

I’m a wild and free spirit, outrageous and irreverent. I’m also a daughter, a sister, a fierce and loving friend, a seeker, an entrepreneur & a wild woman. Don’t be surprised if you see me running naked into the woods, bum jiggling in the wind.

Life is a creative adventure full of exciting possibilities, and I try and live that way every day. I have a ton of energy, especially for the work I do, and when I’m not working you might find me at ecstatic dance or at hot yoga (oh yeah, love the heat!)

I throw the best parties – I love humans. Any chance I can get for connection, I’m taking you up on it. I’m a searcher, a wanderer, and someone who wants to set out into the yonder and explore beyond what is possible. I’ve been to 25 countries and taken two trips around the world, following my instincts and honoring my values of travel, freedom, and adventure. I like to take things apart and put them back together. But not literal things. I’ll break those. More like….ideas, theory, and people.

I’ll never feel content, like Christopher Columbus staring over the ocean and asking “What’s out there?” I won’t ever be done searching for meaning, yearning for deep connection, and exploring another level of intimacy. It’s in my bones and my blood to seek out meaning, make sense of the world around me, and challenge my boundaries.

I’ve found my path & I know I can help you find yours.

It’s time to claim your right to become a powerful, transformational leader.

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turn all your hot messes into successes.

Unleash your inner